Take a closer look at Europe’s largest Innovation Center

How come that “some guys have all the luck”, as the saying goes? Sure enough, many startups are founded in attractive locations. Clearly, the women and men in startups derive satisfaction from working hard. Famously, they also just can’t get enough! All the more during their scarce free time.

Are you into rock climbing? Do you enjoy effort rides on your road bike, snow-boarding, skiing, …? Munich has everything to offer! Perhaps, then it should not be any surprise that Europe’s largest innovation center, the UnternehmerTUM GmbH, is located in the vicinity of Munich.

However, the true reasons of this story of success appear to be more mundane: education and investors. In his article, Helmut Schoenenberger, co-founder of the TUM Entrepreneurship Center, located in Garching nearby Munich takes a closer look at growing startups from science.

Read Helmut’s contribution¬†here.

Founders be careful though! Upon reading Helmut’s article you may end up moving to Munich in order to start your business there!

That being said, at startup-together.com we do not champion any single place! We are always interested to learn and share information about other places in the world!