Support an exciting new technology!

The challenge :

Using renewable energy sources saves money on conventional fuel and helps protecting the climate by avoiding greenhouse gas emissions. However, PV plants require huge surface areas. Fully independent power supply for SME and private customers based on PV is frequently impossible.

The technology :

Now, a new thin film based PV technology, developed by the Amosolec project, may disrupt the market of photovoltaic (PV) modules. The Amosolec project, started by German electrical engineer Benny Schwalbe, works on thin film based PV modules of higher efficiency aiming to generate much more power per surface unit. Benny has a sound background in semiconductor technology and microsystems underpinned by more than 20 years experience in that field.

Solar cells convert energy of the light into electrical power. The maximum efficiency for best-in-class PV modules is about 21 %. The Amosolec project develops an innovative texture for thin film based PV modules that may increase the efficiency by up to one third. Therefore, a surface equipped with the innovative thin film based PV modules is expected to generate one third more power.

The business case :

The European PV market potential is estimated to be around 6B USD p.a. The current market share of thin film based PV modules is almost 300M USD. The Amosolec project aims to capture about 8 per cent of this market, i.e., up to 25M USD net sales per year. The Amosolec project will develop a prototype of unit for manufacturing thin film based PV modules. First net sales shall be generated from 2021 onwards. The market entry shall be achieved B2B. The competitor landscape includes Yingli Green Energy, Sharp, Canadian Solar, First Solar and Solar Frontier.

The location :

The Amosolec project will be located in Erfurt / Thuringia, a German region with good infrastructure and competitive pay roll expenses.

The opportunity :

The Amosolec project currently seeks seed money for prototype development: 2M USD. Further on, in Q4 2020, another 6M USD will be needed in venture capital funding in order to set up a manufacturing line. Break even shall be achieved at a 6M USD net sales threshold in 2023 with sales to have risen threefold by 2025.

For details contact the founder of the Amolosec project, Benny Schwalbe :