US patent attorney Larry Goldstein takes a closer look at disadvantages of filing a US provisional patent applications

Are you founder of tech company? Is your product still under development? Is time short, money even shorter? Will you soon be showing your innovative solution to customers? In this situation, your customer may accept to sign a so-called NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Notwithstanding that you’ll find a template agreement on this site, you are recommended to rather ask an attorney to assist with drafting such an agreement. Further, you may consider to file a provisional patent application.

In a first article, patent attorney Larry Goldstein discussed a US provisional patent application (“PPA”). He explained what it is, and how it differs from an ordinary patent application, which is known as the “non-provisional patent application” (“NPA”). In a later article, Larry took a closer look at why it makes sense to consider filing a PPA rather than an NPA. Now, in a final article, Larry takes a closer look at disadvantages of filing a PPA. In concert, the three articles provide you with expert knowledge. Read Larry’s contribution here!